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General clause /  Contract form /  Delivery-transport /  Ownership of Goods /  Prices-Terms of payment-Penalties /  Right of retraction /  Guarantees /  Protection of personal data /  Litigations
The TRIPLE ZERO products are sold in our store of Revel and by correspondence, as well as on our site, according to the terms of our main catalogue or tariff extract. The tariff is established inclusive of tax as from the start of our premises. TRIPLE ZERO does not have a sales representative. No salesman has the right to present himself on your premise on our behalf, with or without the general catalogue, tariffs extracts or catalogues. The purchaser acknowledges to be in possession of the instructions and the precautions to be taken in using  the sold products.

Article 1. General clause

      Our sales are subjected to the present general terms which prevail on any condition of purchase, except formal and express dispensation on our part.
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Article 2. Contract form

      The orders placed on the server bind the customer as of reception of the order and the payment by our services . When an estimate or a confirmation of order is established by us, it constitutes the particular conditions that modify or supplement the present general conditions.
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Article3. Delivery − transport

      TRIPLE ZERO is committed to make every effort to deliver the order within the shortest time, and this as of reception of the purchase order and payment. Unless stipulated otherwise, all expenses and transport risks of the sold goods are the responsibility of the purchaser. In the event of any deficiency of items or failure to match the items ordered, then such details must be notified by you to us within seven working days of receipt. TRIPLE ZERO is released from its obligation of delivery for all fortuitous occurences or circumstances beyond its control.
As an indication, all-out or partial strikes, floods,  fires are cases of circumstances beyond one's control.
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Article 4. Ownership of Goods

      The transfer of property of the delivered or to be delivered products is suspended until the total payment of the price by the customer is made and this without incidence on the risks transfer .All items supplied to the customer remain the property of TRIPLEZERO until final payment of all sums owing in respect of those goods has been received in full by us (act of  law N░80335 of May 12, 1980). The non-payment of any part thereof  can involve the claim of the goods. Despite these provisions the transfer to the purchaser, as of the delivery, of risks of loss and deterioration of the goods sold as well as the damages that they could cause, remains effective.
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Article 5. Prices − Terms of payment − Penalties

      The stipulated prices are all inclusive of tax; their amounts are specified in our general catalogue currently in  force the day of the confirmation of order, or under particular conditions if any. They are given as an indication and are likely to be modified at any time without notice. The customer is committed to pay the current selling price at the time of  validation of his order. The payment of the order is payable in one single payment after reception by the customer of the email of confirmation from TRIPLE ZERO. No discount is granted for prepayment. Moreover, as a penalty clause and pursuant to the legal dispositions, the purchaser, after injunction by registered letter, will  be liable for a penalty due to delay of payment, calculated by application to the entirety of the sums remaining due, of an interest rate equal to one and half times the legal interest rate to in force the day of the invoicing.      
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Article 6. Right of retraction

      Under the terms of the L121-16 article of the Consumer's Code , the customer has a clear seven  day deadline as from the delivery of his order to return  the products to TRIPLE ZERO for exchange or refunding, without penalties except for the reurn costs . The returned articles must be in perfect state and in their original packaging.      
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Article7. Guarantees

      In addition to the legal guarantee against hidden defects, TRIPLE ZERO guarantees cover defects of the product as defined thereafter. Should the customer  notice a  product defect, he has one month as from its purchase date to  return it to TRIPLE ZERO. To benefit  from this guarantee, the customer must send at his own expense to TRIPLE ZERO the product together with the relevant guarantee slip(invoice copy). TRIPLE ZERO will then send back, at its expense, a new product to the customer, at the address indicated on the guarantee slip.TRIPLE ZERO does not provide any other guarantee in addition to these guarantees.      
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Article 8. Protection of personal data

      All the data that you entrust us are necessary to deal with your orders. Under the terms of the law n░ 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, the files and freedom, you can gain access to, consult, modify, rectify or delete datas given to us by contacting the TRIPLE ZERO customer's service.      
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Articlee 9. Litigations

      Any placed order carries the adhesion of the customer, and this without any restriction, under the TRIPLE ZERO General terms of Sales.  Any disagreement relating to the sale (price, GST, productů) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with French Law and resolved in the Court dealing with trade disputes of the local jurisdiction.
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