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      The postage depends on the country of delivery. It is a fixed price per dispatch.
- France and Monaco: 16 Euros
- European Community + Swiss, Norway, United Kingdom and Iceland: 23 Euros.
- America: 52 Euros
- Asia - Australia: 72 Euros
- Other countries: on estimate

Postage paid

      Postage is free if your order exceeds 2000 Euros ( for delivery in the EEC or in Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom and Iceland)      


      The VAT depends on the country of delivery. For the countries of the European Community, VAT rate is 19,6% to date.
All the prices shown on the site are inclusive of all taxes, meaning including VAT. For a delivery outside the European Community, this VAT does not apply. The articles will be thus invoiced net of taxes, the VAT will be deducted from the price indicated on the site at the time of the validation of order, before payment.

You cannot choose a billing country in Europe (incl. VAT) and a delivery country out of Europe (VAT free) and vice versa.
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