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A valuable partnership

      We use goose down exclusively, the most beautiful geese are in Périgord.
We are thus located right in the middle of Périgord, amidst our producers. They are all essential actors of the agrotourism, they sells their preserves, run self-catering cottages, table d'hôtes or country inns…
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Grey goose
  A Périgord farm   The goslings
      They understand the commitment of their name on their labels and apply permanent total quality control.
Our interests converge and this is why we build a contractual partnership : they are committed to apply our quality specifications. We impose this to them in order to obtain the “000” quality and guarantee a stable, non speculative income to them.

The grey geese of Périgord

      Formerly there were geese in all the South-west of France, in all the farms practising mixed-farming there were one or two flocks of geese. Mixed-farming has disappeared, the duck has replaced the goose in many areas.
Périgord remained practically the only place where large numbers of beautiful grey geese are raised. The producers specialized in geese.
That imposed a modernization of the techniques, while preserving the quality benefits.
Plucking takes place at the time of slaughter, with warm water. The feather, organic matter, once wet will ferment, and in a few hours one loses 20 to 30% of the properties of the down with all the consequences one can imagine thereafter: permanent release of dust and its associated allergic reactions, premature degradation of the down…
To avoid all these problems, we ask the goose producers to stabilize (preliminary wash and disinfection) the down at the farm so as to preserve all its properties, as on the goose.

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