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Partioned sytem

      Compartments with straight macro aired partitions, inner pin tuck stitched.

Totally impermeable compartments

      Everyone noticed that in the long run, the down can transfer from one compartment to another if the compartments are not completely impermeable. To avoid this nuisance we attach all the partitions to one another. The down cannot get out of the compartment during the whole life of the product, even after several washes.      
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      For an optimal insulation, the down must be well maintained.
When there is a hole in the down insulating layer , the loss of warm air can considerably decrease the performance of a good down, as in a badly insulated house. By seeking the best down weight /compartment volume ratio we noticed that by multiplying the number of compartments we very appreciably increased the performance of the down: less down in more compartments = maximum lightness and insulation in the long run.
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Edge−band airtightness system

      This protective system of lateral fastening makes it possible to gain weight by removing the traditional downy protective band , whilst avoiding wedging the zip in the fabric.
By giving a round shape volume to the edge of the opening, when the zip is closed, both puffed up edge-bands press up against each other, thus avoiding any passage of air through the zip.
The fabric of the edge-bands is reinforced and the slider of the zip does not get stuck.
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Ample neck collar

      The neck collar is 25cm high all around, thus giving ease of movement around the neck inside the bag. Its downwards tightening, slightly shifted in relation to the edge avoids the strangling sensation.
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Edge−band at head contour tightening

      This edge-band, when closing the contoured hood , keeps the down behind the drawcord. This prevents the formation of the classic icicle caused by the breathing condensation      
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Pre−formed edge−band

      A system keeping the down on the side allowing great arm ease for action. Indeed, in  down jackets the down tends to slip, thus creating a cold area. This band gives volume on the side thanks to a differential outside/interior cut and room in arm extension.      
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Possibility of option zipped inside pocket 15cmx16cm, to the left,

      English text      
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Option zipped inside pocket

      Possibility of option zipped inside pocket 15cmx18cm situated under the neck collar on the front.      
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Adjustable ventilation under the arm

      To evacuate the excess of heat and perspiration through a side tunnel opening closed by an airtight zip.
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Classic box walled

      Two compartments per level, one on top and one under with raised edges      
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"Light" compartmented

      Few and very large compartments to gain in weight and price. To be used on few nights only.        
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Overfilled shoulder compartment

      The shoulder seam is shifted and the compartment is overfilled. Thus there is always a good insulation at the shoulders.      
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Multicompartmented sleeves

      Two compartments on the arm circumference at each level ensure a regular distribution of the down.
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Airtight zip and tunnel

      The zips, pockets and other details necessary to the functionality of the products can be sources of warm air leaks.
The integrated systems, double zips, tunnel pockets with airtight zips and such like, contribute to keep the down stable in these significant areas.
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All zips are airtight and waterproof

      The airtight and waterproof zip is in fact made of turned over injected mesh, impermeabilised on its fabric side. The big advantage is that it does not necessitate any flap system  since it is airtight and waterproof.      
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Removable integral hood

      The hood adapts on all the models of jackets or waistcoats with a zip to be envisaged in advance when ordering the jacket or the waistcoat (free option ).      
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High density foam−rubber soles

      6mm thick PODIALENE foam rubber, density 110.      
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Stitching: box wall construction

      The box wall construction maintains the down uniformly distributed for superior warmth and comfort. Each compartment is individually filled and the inner macroaired partitions facilitate the the warm air circulation and enhances the down volume.
The squares measure approximately 40cm/40cm, which gives, for the 140/200 dimension: 4X5 squares, for 200/200: 5X5 squares, 240/220: 6X6 squares and 260/240: 7X6 squares.
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"Grasshopper" stitching

      The “Grasshopper” is an old sewing machine which makes it possible to stitch through a down thickness . Guided by hand, one can carry out any type of decorative pattern.      
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