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Ripstop Polyamide,fine and hard−wearing:36g/m²

      It's our lightest fabric ever for sleeping bags and jackets. For a minimum weight it must be souple and hard-wearing.
Its function is to "breathe" enough in order to allow the passage of the steam released by the body, whilst preventing the down from filtering through. It is hydrophobic (Teflon treated) and dries quickly if it gets wet.

Polyamide PU 60g/m²

      Outer fabric of clothing coated with polyurethane 30%,1000mm column, very hard-wearing  and waterproof.
This fabric, which makes it possible to do without reinforcements, gives the clothing a homogeneous, fluid aspect.

Polyester 65g/m² WR

      Outside fabric of supple clothing supple and resistan, waterproof treatment WR ( Water Repellent). This fabric, which allows to take place of reinforcements, gives to clothes a homogeneous, fluid aspect.      

Undyed Percale  100% organic

      There are several ways of making a fabric impermeable to down, one can crush it, one can plasticize it, but the only valid one, for cotton, is to very tightly (103 threads/cm²) linen weave it
Our organic percale, very light 110 g/m², underwent no chemical provision during its cultivation and no chemical treatment on its fibre during the various processes of weaving. We starch it the traditional way, which confers it this characteristic crackling when it is new.
This technique guaranties a super long lasting behaviour, which is not the case with traditional percales that are often softened with the acid.

Plain satin 100% cotton

      One has to bear in mind that the sheen aspect is originally due to the type of weaving:
- linen weaving: 1/1 one fibre over/one fibre under
- twill weaving 1/2
- satin weaving 1/4

Twill 100% cotton

      The twill, 1/2 weaving, is reckoned to be very resistant. We use the twill one for the cotton pillows and the cotton duvet sleeping bags. Even after  years of intensive use it remains impermeable to down and feathers.      


      The half-down is a mixture of  goose feathers and down which associates the spring of the feather and the flexibility of the down.
Filled with half-down, the “Super-Doux” pillow is souple and hard-wearing.
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