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Which is the best duvet ?

      One is always afraid to be cold and tend to choose to warm.
Don't forget: our duvets are very efficient.
As a rule, THE PYRENEENNE is warmer than is required in 95% of the cases.
The NORDIQUE is the solution for those who know about down and are always cold.
The LEGERE is suitable in mid-season and heated apartments.
There are special cases: those who, in a unheated house in the mountains with open windows and a LEGERE will be warm, and those who, in full summer will be happy to keep their NORDIQUE duvet in the South-West of France.


      For a child in a 90 x 190 bed: choose a 140 x 200 duvet.
For an adolescent or an adult in a 90 x 190 bed: choose a 200 x 200 duvet.
For two people in a 140 x 190 bed: choose a 240 x 220 duvet.
For two people in a 160 x 200 bed: choose a 260 x 240 duvet.

How to choose a duvet

      THE NORDIQUE: 300 gr/m2 of PURE GOOSE DOWN
It is the warmest in our range. It was designed for unheatable, damp houses or for people particularly sensitive to the cold.

Best adapted to a normally heated house, even with heating turned off.

Made for  very well heated and isolatedapartments. You will have the feeling and the comfort of the down without being too hot.

The sleeping bag duvet

      Companion of your children, additional duvet for your friends, camping sleeping bag or when out hiking and on your travels, it is the product which does not stay long in a cupboard.
To increase its practical side further, it comes together with an integrated travelling bag that can be used as pillow.

What is the difference between a duvet and an eide

      In theory the eiderdown is spread on  bed flat sheet, for example for a 90 X 190 bed the eiderdown measures 90 X 160 finished.
As for the duvet, it hangs over approximately 40 cm on 3 sides, for a 90 X 190 bed it measures 140 X 200 for the children or 200 X 200 for the adults.

The eiderdowns

      The FLUFFED UP EIDERDOWN: warmth and lightness
Souvenir from our childhood and our grandmothers, it acts like a hot-water bottle thanks to its large reserve of heat.

The PLAIN STITCHED EIDERDOWN : traditionnal stitching
To maintain the down in place, our traditional know-how enables us to carry out many stitchings (" grasshopper” stitching).
You can combine stitching and fabric, undyed or color, to your taste.

The PRINTED STITCHED EIDERDOWN: an element of your decor
We offer a multitude of colors and patterns .
Our prints  are gathered by price in three categories: A, B, or C.
For all these prints, we advise you a padding and padding/frame stitching, which enhances the fabric.
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